Zota Technology Ltd. is based in Switzerland. Our company exports fruits and vegetables to North America and Europe. We specialize in providing fresh fruits and vegetables. We also export the following machinery across the globe:

  • Pressure brush cleaning machine
  • Sorting and grading machine
  • Fruit juice pouch packing machine
  • Salad wrapping machine
  • Fruits and vegetables drying machine
  • Drying Oven
  • Hot air circulation machine
  • Fruits and vegetables box packing machine
  • Fruit and vegetables washing machine
  • Plastic crate making a machine

Apart from this, we export safety products and equipment across the world. Our charges are extremely competitive. We offer quality at very affordable prices

Vision statement:

Zota Technology Ltd. Is a name synonymous with quality, excellence, and superiority? We envision and foresee ourselves becoming worlds most trusted company in this industry

Mission statement:

Our mission is to expand our business by increasing our exports to all parts of the world.